Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It's I-Week!

Hi everyone! I apologize for being gone so long. After my last post, now deleted, I was a little disheartened, but after the past weekend and my excitement over the rest of this coming week, I really feel better and want to get back to writing about things that matter to me.

This past weekend really helped me remember why I love not only Alpha Gamma Delta, but also the idea of being Greek as a whole, and everything that it stands for. This past weekend our chapter attended its annual International Reunion Day. IRD is a time for collegiate members along with Alumnae to come together and celebrate another year in AGD as well as also just celebrate everything that Alpha Gamma Delta brings to us in our lives. This year’s theme was “Come Home to ΑΓΔ”. Knowing that I always have a home and a chapter family to depend on is something that I hold very near to my heart as a member of AGD. The support of sisters is something unlike anything else I have ever experienced in my life. I have met women from all walks of life and each and every one has helped me be the woman I am today. Sitting around a table with women who are well beyond their college years talk about their experiences and their sisters just gives me something to look forward to.

When you leave high school or college, I know from experience that sometimes friendships just fall apart- they just don’t last. Being a part of a sisterhood is a bond that lasts a lifetime. One Alumna shared her story of a friendship with a sister who no matter how many months or years have gone passed; reconnect as if no time has passed. These are the bonds that sisterhood brings to your life.
Sisters are the ones that you share your college years with. They’re the ones you laugh with. They’re your Formal date when boys are stupid (believe me, even the good ones stink sometimes). They’re the ones you cry with. You dance with. You shop with. These are the women that you share a special bond with; a bond that cannot be broken.
Now go hug your Sister♥

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